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American Fishing Wire

AFW, as their name suggests, manufacture a wide and innovative range of fishing wires for both fresh and salt water. For Franglais Fishing, this means access to a great range of titanium wire traces and trace components.

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Bikini Bait Company

The Bikini Bait Company manufacture solid plastic baits that are like no others and that have an action just like they were made from wood. The Sniper is a soft tail hard swim bait and the Turmoilx and Tripwire are glide baits. The Sure Thing is a superb new swim bait and Franglais Fishing are pleased to be able to stock this entire range in a great set of colours.

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The Esox Lucius brand quickly built a reputation for the highest quality rods, accessories and lures with a fresh and innovative approach. Their rods are renowned for strength to diameter ratio and their Jerk Bait rods are still amongst our best sellers. Esox Lucius Jerk Baits and Crank Wobblers are of the highest quality finish with great actions.

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The original swim bait manufacturer with an extensive and innovative range of both soft and hard swim baits. We have a large stock of the ever popular soft boot tailed SBTs and the hard / soft hybrid Hard Head baits – perfect for piking on trout reservoirs or large lakes and lochs. We also have their Trainwreck Spinnerbaits, Rock Hard Swim Baits, Platinum Swim Baits and the innovative Kicker which has a fantastic up and down action as well as side to side. Castaic’s Warrior braid which has been specially designed for lure fishing can also be found in our Lines and Braids department.

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Chaos Tackle

Chaos Tackle introduced the triple tailed Medussa to great acclaim and with great results. We have three sizes available and can also order in the spinner blade version – the Cow-Dussa.

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Cultiva lures are produced by Owner Hooks and as their sales pitch goes “They’re as good as the hooks”. Featuring living eyes, internal rattles and holographic finishes this range is suitable for both fresh and salt water applications.

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Drifter Tackle

Drifter Tackle have been built on the back of the famous Believer which has consistently produced great predator catches in both size and quantity. From their state of the art manufacturing facility in Ohio, Drifter produce a great array of Believer patterns and colours many of which we stock in 6” and 8” straight patterns and the 9” soft tailed, jointed Super Believer.

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Eagle Claw

Eagle Claw are probably best known for their renowned curved point treble hooks which we have available in either standard packs or in money saving bulk packs. However, they also manufacture a superb range of fishing equipment including accessories and reels and we are also stocking many of these high quality, great value items.

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Esox Customs

Hand painted and built spinnerbaits in whatever combination of colours, blades and sizes you can think of. We stock only a few of what is available so if you want something you do not see or you have your own special requirements, please just let us know.

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Esox Research Centre

ERC are, as their name suggests, not simply a tackle manufacturer but a font of knowledge on the behaviour and catching techniques for all Esox predators. We stock their proven glide jerk bait, the Hell Hound, the slightly smaller Hell Puppy and the newer Squirrely Hell Puppy which has a soft tail. Dick Pearson, is the widely renowned author of Muskies on the Shield (available in our Accessories department) and we now have his Bump N Grind and Grinder spinnerbaits available in many colours and sizes. Finally, to round off our selection of ERC baits, we have a selection of the deep diving Triple Ds and heavy Jig A Beast jigs in stock.

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Flambeau manufacture tackle boxes and bags that are particularly suited to the lure angler. Their range is vast and extends from small lure boxes that could fit in your pocket up to tackle stations that can accommodate all of the tackle you could ever need and more.

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Lews manufacture some of the best low profile baitcasting reels around with some innovative features and as such, we are proud to be the first to bring these to the UK. If you do not see the reel that you want, please let us know and we will try to get it for you.
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Lundberg Custom Baits

The Stalker is a hand crafted and hand painted jerk bait from Sweden’s best known pike angler, Kjelle Lundberg. Equally at home searching out the lunker pike of the UK and Europe or the Musky of the great North American lakes this lure is available in a wide range of custom colours.


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The Mattlures rods have been added to our range to cover all of your swim baiting needs. From tiny paddle tail baits to huge trout baits that weigh over a pound, there is a rod that is perfect for each situation. Every rod has just the right amount of backbone and just enough give in the tip to launch the baits and feel the fight of a specimen fish.


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Mend It

The Mend It solution is a great product that will save you £s by effecting robust repairs to rubber lures without affecting their action.

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Musky Armour

Musky Armor are renowned for the durability of their baits and we are now stocking from their Kandy, Krave Jr, Krave, Krisco and Krisco Jr crankbait ranges including some limited edition colours. Recently added are some special Curly Kraves which sport a soft tail for added flutter and action. We have also added their well known release gloves to provide hand protection when handling those toothy critters!

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Musky Innovations

The inventor, developer and manufacturer of the world famous Bull Dawg lure along with a great range of other soft plastic lures. Now also available in the special UV Reflex finish to closely simulate the way a real bait fish appears in sunlight, Musky Innovations are still at the forefront of lure fishing technology. To go with the lures, we have a selection of Musky Innovations super sharp Plasma Point Treble Hooks, ideal for replacing lure hooks. We are also proud to be importing into Europe the hardware to match the lures. Bull Dawg rods are available from stock in the highest quality one and two piece Pro range or the more economic one piece Select range.

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Musky Mania

Since introducing the Burt to the lure fishing world in 1982, Musky Mania have become an authority in big fish baits. We have extensive stock of their versatile 6", 8” and 10” crank bait, the famous Jake as well as their deep diving Lil' Ernie crankbait in some fantastic colours. We also have the three available sizes of the Squirrely Jake which adds an extra dimension to crankbait fishing with its soft, curly tail. Finally, to round off our selection of lures from Musky Mania, we have the world renowned Squirrely Burts.

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Musky Snax

Musky Snax hand build and paint incredibly lifelike baits and we are extremely pleased to have limited quantities of their superb Sucker Swim Bait in four different colours. These are not only the most life like looking baits that you will find but they also have the most life like swimming action. If you are interested in these, order now as we do have only limited quantities.

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Northland Fishing Tackle

High quality predator fishing tackle made in the USA and including some fantastic Spinner Baits and twin bladed Spinners. Northland have also developed life like high definition bait fish images that are superimposed on their blades and spoons - Live Forage. We also have stock of their durable monofilament Bionic Bass line and superb Bionic Musky / Pike braid which is giving its competition a real run for the money.

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Owner Hooks

Owner are known throughout the predator fishing world as the hook manufacturer of choice for their quality and vast range of styles and finishes to suit any occasion. They also bring Cultiva lures to the fishing world which are all fitted with Owner treble hooks.

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Partridge of Redditch

The most famous of hook manufacturers is now back in British hands and we are proud to be stocking their range of long established treble hook patterns as well as their new X6 and X7 patterns. We also have access to other newer patterns such as pike fly hooks.

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Quantum manufacture the highest quality and most reliable of reels with top of the range features. We are pleased to introduce these to the UK and are sure that their proven track record in USA will extend to the UK.
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Reaction Strike

Manufacturer of many well known lures but particularly known for their excellent quality Swim Baits. Franglais Fishing are pleased to have introduced the Revolution Shad swim baits to the UK in various sizes and colours. We also carry Reaction Strike’s popular 2 piece series of Pikemaster rods.

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The quality of the River2Sea lures and baits is superb and is now setting standards across Europe and worldwide. They have some recognisable styles with their own special features added along with a very different selection including many critter and amphibian replicants for specialist fishing. We have stock of a fantastic range of Swim Baits, Crank Baits, Glide Baits and Spinner Baits as well as the very realistic Dahlberg Diving Frogs in two sizes and five colours.

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Sea Striker

We introduced the Sea Striker range to our portfolio of products specifically for their Got-Cha branded grub tails. Suitable for salt and fresh water, Got-Cha grub tails are super supple and twist and flutter madly as an attractor when attached to any lure.
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A vast array of different styles and colours of lures from Top Water to Deep Diver patterns and Real Roach to Starry Night colours, Salmo have a lure for every fishing occasion. We keep many different Salmo patterns but have a particularly good stock of the most often used Sliders and Fatsos.

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Shack Attack

Manufacturer of a new generation of rubber lures, Suzy Suckers and Curly Sues are moulded from a cast of a real fish and come with either a boot tail or a curly tail. We have both models in a range of sizes and colours from the little 6” to the magnum 11” versions. Shack Attack have also combined a Spinner bait and a soft lure to create the innovative Suzy Spins and Curly Spins.

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Specimen Gear

Unfortunately no longer manufacturing lures, we are still proud of our association with this great manufacturer of handmade and innovative lures such as the Wounded Woody.


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St Croix

This famous brand needs no introduction. St Croix manufacture a large range of high quality specialist rods for every predator situation you can think of for both fresh and salt water. With over 350 models in their fresh water range alone, we currently stock all of their Triumph Musky, Mojo Musky and Tournament Musky ranges with a selection of Premier Musky models as well. Manufactured in their factories in Wisconsin and Mexico, St Croix quality sets the standards others try to follow. If you do not see the St Croix rod that you want on our site, please just let us know and we will get you a price and delivery time.

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Manufacturer of the original jerk bait, The Thriller, which has now been updated to include a set of holographic colour patterns. Suick also manufacture the world renowned range of Cisco Kid crank baits in an immense range of styles and colours.

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Tackle Industries

With a vision of providing high quality but affordable lures, Tackle Industries have certainly made their mark in the predator fishing world. Firstly with their Super D soft lures in a vast range of different sizes and colours and also with their Dingo swimbaits. As well as these, we also have a selection of Nibbler soft plastic swimbaits and Sea Calf and Sea Cow glide baits.

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The renowned Varivas brand sits in our range of hooks particularly for their 2600V model that is ideal for pike flies. We can however obtain hooks from their entire range if wanted..

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Wolfcreek Lures

Wolfcreek Lures hand craft a superb set of baits - jerk baits, crank baits, top waters and bucktails. They use only the finest woods and materials and finish them in high quality and unique colours to the highest standards. Once again, Franglais Fishing are proud to be the first UK based retail outlet for these lures with stock of Cub, Wolf, Big Bad Wolf, Skinny Tail, Cub Crank and Big Wolf Crank baits.

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Wolverine Tackle

Manufacturer of the great, high strength, triple wound, heat treated Super Split Rings.

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Worth Company

Manufacturer of a vast array of lure building components, we have a full selection of their heavy duty split rings.

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