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Bionic Bass Clear Monofilament
Product ID: 6201
Manufacturer: Northland Fishing Tackle


Bionic Bass Line is a tough, strong and durable clear monofilament that comes in weights of 4 to 15lb on 350 yard spools and 20lb on 275 yard spools.
Price: 7.49
10.66 EUR

Bionic Musky / Pike Braid
Product ID: 6202
Manufacturer: Northland Fishing Tackle


Bionic Musky / Pike Braid is a supple, no stretch braid ideal for lure angling. Coloured slop green, this braid has a low friction coating, casts further and sheds less water than traditional braids.

This braid was awarded a Recommended badge of honour by the Luretour product review site.
Price: 17.49
24.88 EUR

Warrior Braid
Product ID: 6101
Manufacturer: Castaic


Developed by renowned lure manufacturer Castaic, this line has all the characteristics required for a great spinning and baitcasting braid.
Price: 21.99
31.28 EUR