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Product ID: 2601
Manufacturer: American Fishing Wire
Crimping Tool
6" Light weight crimping tool ideal for use with trace sleeves / crimps up to size 4 (0.105" / 2.61mm outside diameter).
Price: £6.49
7.55 EUR
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Product ID: 2504
Manufacturer: Eagle Claw
Delux Hook Hone
Handy delux hook hone to keep your hooks sharp.
Price: £8.49
9.87 EUR
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Product ID: 2505
Manufacturer: Eagle Claw
Digital Scale
Featuring a tape measure and an LED torch light, these single handed digital scales will weigh in lbs or kgs.
Price: £18.99
22.08 EUR
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Product ID: 2103
Manufacturer: Original Video Production Co. Ltd
DVDThe Fox Guide to Pike Fishing
Following on from the immense success of the carp DVDs, Max Cottis and Matt Hayes go pike fishing. Adopting the same instructional approach, all the important methods in the pike angler's armoury and how to fish and set them up are covered in great detail. Waters from large trout reservoirs to small Fen drains are covered from both boat and bank.
Price: £18.99
22.08 EUR
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Product ID: 2301
Manufacturer: River2Sea LLC
Line Scissors
Featuring blades that can cleanly cut braid or nylon lines, a cap with a safety pin for fixing them somewhere handy and unique glow in the dark accents that make them easy to locate when you need them, these are the ultimate fisherman's scissors.
Price: £5.49
6.38 EUR
Product ID: 2201
Manufacturer: Shack Attack Lures
Lure WeldSoft Bait Repair - ½oz Size
Shack Attack's very own soft bait repair solution. No stickyness and with a brush built into the cap.
Price: £9.49
11.04 EUR
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Product ID: 2401
Manufacturer: Drifter Tackle
Muskies on the ShieldBy Dick Pearson
Muskies on the Shield explores in detail how to plan and research trips, identify and fish key structures, recognise seasonal patterns and select techniques for a variety of lake types and conditions. This well known paperback book is not easily available in the UK so grab yourself a copy now.
Price: £15.99
18.59 EUR
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Product ID: 2901
Manufacturer: Rivers Edge Products
Playing Cards - Lures of the Past
These playing cards bring out the colourful history of fishing lures.
Price: £5.49
6.38 EUR
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