New 2012 S-Waver Colours

When the UK lure review site Lure Tour reviewed the River2Sea S-Waver, they were very impressed with quality and fish catching attributes. If there was a criticism however, it was that the choice of patterns was limited and very much the same. River2Sea have now put that right with the introduction of these four new colours in the 120 size. From top left clockwise, these are Bone, Party Crasher, Bluegill and Baby Bass and are available from stock now.

River2Sea Whopper Plopper New Colours

River2Sea have added two new colours to their Whopper Plopper 190 topwater bait range.  The Perch and the Loon are in stock now.

Larry Dahlberg Diving Frogs – New for 2012

We have stocked the Larry Dahlberg Diving Frogs from River2Sea for some time now but there are a couple of changes for 2012. First, the addition of an all new white colour along with a more realistic update to the existing colours. As well as these colour improvements, these superb frogs are now available in a new 2″ size as well as the existing 2½”. Check our store for more details of these life like swimming frogs.

River2Sea Wide Glide – New Colour

The River2Sea Wide Glide is an incredible glide bait that is available in 12cm and 20cm sizes and surface and sub surface versions. A Wide Glide zigs and zags side to side with a wide gliding action when worked with short jerks from the rod. The 20cm sub surface version can be made to zip back and forth below the water’s surface, travelling as much as 2 metres side to side, while moving forward only a metre or so before coming to a near neutrally buoyant, quivering stop. It is a deadly action that both attracts and triggers large predators that ignore more standard presentations.

Now available in the brand new for 2012 Perch colour pictured above, this new pattern compliments the 5 other existing colours.