Gone Fishing!

gonefishingSteve is on his annual pilgrimage to Lake of the Woods from 19th to 25th September. This does not mean that the world of Franglais Fishing stops, just that we may be a little slower answering emails and getting orders out of the door. However, please continue to contact us and place your orders and we will get to you as quickly as we can.

Lemon Heads Arrive at Franglais

LemonHeadDrifter have introduced several new colours for 2013 including the Lemon Head pictured here. We now have these new colours in Jakes, Hell Puppies and Believers so check out our store now.


New Curly Sue Colours

140112_500Two new Shack Attack Curly Sues have just been added to our range. The White Bandit above is now available in the 9″ size in both sinking and shallow versions and the Bubble Gum Pink colour shown below is now available in the Little Curly Sue size. 140074_500

Wolfcreek Cubs and Big Bad Wolf


We have just received our latest consignment from Wolfcreek which included two great new Jerk Baits. First we have a new colour Cub – Night Carp – seen at the bottom right above. This means we now have stock of eight colours of the Cub which has a great side to side glide action with a superb belly flash on a pause.



We also received the first colour in a new size bait for Franglais Fishing – the Big Bad Wolf. This is a 20cm, 160g bait with a long glide and a rocking action on a pause. Looks fantastic in this Walleye colour.

Bikini Baits New Glide Bait – Tripwire

We have a full range of colours of the new Bikini Bait Company Tripwire glide bait. This glide bait has a similar side to side action as the already established Turmoilx but as well as a shimmy on the fall, it stays deeper. High quality patterns and finish make this a must have bait.

More Hooks and Split Rings




It is often difficult to find large sized treble hooks with a wide gape suitable for replacing lure hooks that you have had to cut or are simply past their best. We have now added Musky Innovation’s range of Plasma Point hooks in sizes 3/0 to 8/0 in packs of 25. These are reasonably priced with super sharp points that stay sharp.




Partly to complement these new hooks and partly to expand our range, we have now added a series of nickel plated steel split rings from Worth. These rings range from quite small to large enough for big baits and are very strong for their gauge so ensuring the hooks do not interfere with the lure’s action.

Jig A Beasts Arrive

After a number of special orders, we have just added the full range of colours of the Esox Research Centre Jig A Beast.

A Jig A Beast is the ultimate swim jig. It cannot be beaten when used as a traditional lift jig but it has the versatility to be used in many different presentations, including a straight burn or troll. The Jig A Beast is available in 5″, 1oz or 7″, 1½oz sizes with a single, wide gape jig hook.

More Believers at Franglais

We have now added some more Believers to our store. The 6″ Straight Believers have been popular for some time now so we decided to add a few of the larger versions.

First we have three popular colours in the 8″ Straight version. These superb baits move in sudden and unpredictable ways triggering strikes even from fish that have seen everything thrown at them before. The Believer’s unique shape and design combined with a deep (top) and shallow (bottom) eyelet allow this bait to be fished from the surface down to depths of 12’ (360cm). Retrieve the Believer slowly as a surface bait over thick vegetation, work it as a jerk bait or twitch bait over and through emerging weed growth or more traditionally, cast and deep troll it as a crank bait.

We have also added a 9″ Super Believer in Fire Perch colours. These can be cranked across deep rocks or timber, wobbled over the tops of weeds, twitched and jerked through weeds or simply used as a top water.

Whichever Believer you pick, believe me, they work!

Chaos Tackle Medussas Arrive

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Chaos Tackle Medussa soft plastic baits to our range.

Designed with three incredibly lively tails to help bring this dynamically balanced swimbait to life, you can jerk, rip, troll, slow roll or just cast a Medussa out and retrieve it. There is no wrong way to reel in a Medussa.








We have the full range of Medussa colours available from stock in Mini 8″, 4½oz or Regular 10″, 8¼oz sizes as well as a few colours in the Monster 15″, 12oz size.

ERC Pearson Grinders / Bump and Grind Spinnerbaits

Dick Pearson’s name is legendary on the Musky scene. He has not only written the definitive water craft guide to musky fishing on Lake of the Woods (available in our store) but has also developed some of the most productive spinner baits available. We have carried the heavier 3oz version of the ERC Bump N Grind for some time now but due to popular demand have started stocking the 1oz and 2oz versions as well. On top of this, we have now added a few Grinders.

The main visual difference between a Bump N Grind and a Grinder is the blade.  The Bump N Grind (top) has a large Colorado blade which delivers a thump right through the rod handle whereas the Grinder (bottom) has a Willow blade and is specifically designed to grind its way through weeds.