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9" Revolution ShadsBuy Two Save £5.00
Product ID: 199023
Manufacturer: Reaction Strike


This fantastic swimbait is 9" long and is available in both slow and fast sink versions in these two natural baitfish colours.

Revolution Shad swim baits fall horizontally and in slow fall version weigh 3½oz and in fast fall weigh 4oz. Revolution Shads are fitted with two chemically sharpened VMC treble hooks.

Buy two of these superb baits in your choice of colour and weight and save £5.00.
List Price: £39.98
Price: £34.98
47.54 EUR

Bossymark 168Save £10.00
Product ID: 199007
Manufacturer: River2Sea LLC


Superb quality 6 5/8" long Swim Bait offered in Slow Sinking version with two size 2/0 hooks and in any one of three colours.

Save £10.00 off our normal price.
List Price: £24.99
Price: £14.99
20.37 EUR

Dingo Jointed Swimbait - PerchSave £4.00
Product ID: 199025
Manufacturer: Tackle Industries


The Dingo is a superb 8.5", 5oz double jointed swim bait with an internal rattle.

Save £4.00 off our normal price.
List Price: £15.74
Price: £11.74
15.96 EUR
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Kicker Set - All 7 ColoursSave £10.00.
Product ID: 199009
Manufacturer: Castaic


This 8" (20cm) lure was designed by legendary lure designer Bob King and has a unique downward swept tail which provides an undulating swimming motion that is completely unmatched by any other lure.

Buy all 7 colours and save £10.00.
List Price: £82.25
Price: £72.25
98.20 EUR
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Magnum and Regular Super D in Cisco SpecialSave £10.00
Product ID: 199020
Manufacturer: Tackle Industries


The Cisco coloured Super Ds have proven to be just about our best selling colour in both Magnum and Regular sizes. So, we thought that we would come up with a deal for one of each size. The price for these two swim baits is £22.98 which saves you £10.00 off our normal price.
List Price: £32.98
Price: £22.98
31.23 EUR
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Regular Super D - Silver Shad Triple PackSave £15.99
Product ID: 199021
Manufacturer: Tackle Industries


No packaging but a saving of £15.99!

The silver shads are quite new colours in the range and come with either a silver, a yellow, or an orange tail. Normal price would be £47.97 for all three but we are doing a bundle deal of one of each colour for a crazy £31.98 - a saving of £15.99.

The Regular 9" size of this super tough polymer lure weighs 4.7oz and is 14" long with the tail fully extended.
List Price: £47.97
Price: £31.98
43.47 EUR
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Small Crank Wobbler - Parrot and Tiger Twin PackSave £5.00
Product ID: 199010
Manufacturer: BROMANoDELL


The XL Small Crank Wobbler is a 21g crank bait that is superb as an early season bait but still performs exceptionally well later in the year. This twin pack features 2 contrasting and popular colours.
List Price: £17.90
Price: £12.90
17.53 EUR
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