Franglais Fishing are very pleased to be the first to bring these lures to the UK.

Wolfcreek Lures design and manufacture handmade fishing lures made of wood, particularly focusing on the pike. The company was started in autumn 2006 on Frösön, Östersund, Sweden and is owned and operated by Anders Ulvforsen.

Having built lures as a hobby for a while, it started to become too demanding for my work. In connection with a move from central Sweden to Jämtland, it felt like a natural step to start a company with significant production, everything is still made by hand by me.

Production is carried out entirely by hand and much emphasis is placed on the choice of wood, weighing and balancing.
The choice of wood depends on the type of bait it will be and what characteristics the bait should have. Woods used in production include beech, oak, cedar, pine, aspen and balsa.

Weighting and balancing is done individually for each bait. Often, only a few grams difference in a liquid, suspending or sinking bait. The position of lead also has a great effect on the bait. The characteristics of the finished work will be determined by a combination of shape, wood and weighting. How and by whom the bait fish is used also plays some role ...

Building takes place in several stages - from woodwork, weighting and bonding screw rings, due to the impregnation, painting and finally painting.

All works are painted by hand with airbrush and then painted with several layers of C & W Lure Epoxy - a new Swedish-made paint with excellent durability and finish.
The components used, such as screw rings, split rings and hooks are obviously of the highest quality and as strong as hell!

Anders of Wolf Creek Pike in Jämtland using
The Wolf - Frösö Shad.

The idea of the Wolf Creek Lures is to produce baits that catch fish! That people like to fish with my lures and fish are cruel to them is the best there is! To appreciate the painting and finish is nice bonus.
Overkill or not - I just think it's so damn fun to build bait!

Many thanks to all of you awesome friends who have helped, inspired, shared, passed the ball ideas, been patient, put up and come with criticism. Without you it would not work.

/ Anders Ulvforsen

Wolf Creek Lures are hand-made, Swedish quality work in wood, for real pike fishing! The baits have caught the eyes of many pike fisherman, but most importantly - they catch fish!

Left: The Wolf - Brown Trout, Skinny Wolf - Borre & Reverse Skinny - Snipa
Right: Custom painted Wolf Tail & The Pig - Wolf Creek Custom

Since the company was founded in 2006, the demand for authentic, handmade lures has increased. Wolf Creek Lures are constantly evolving to meet the growing demand from any serious pike enthusiast who want quality lures that catch fish!