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Musky Innovations Range for 2010
Musky Innovations Catalogue
Musky Innovations have launched an updated range of lures for 2010 with new colours, new materials and new products. Probably the biggest impact is a reorganisation of the world famous Bull Dawgs. Previously there have been Bull Dawgs and Uptown Dawgs with both styles available in Spring, Regular and Magnum sizes. The 2010 range sees the introduction of Economy Bull Dawgs, Standard Bull Dawgs and Pro Dawgs with the Uptown Dawg name being dropped.

Spring Bull Dawgs now include the Uptown Dawg patterns and otherwise remain the same as previous years with a total of 25 different colours. Economy Dawgs are available in Regular and Magnum sizes and are very similar to the old style Bull Dawgs. They are available in 6 colours including the all new Black / Chartreuse Glitter Tail.

Standard Dawgs are similar to the old Uptown Dawgs but with the introduction of a new stronger material, 3D eyes and improved vivid colours. Standard Dawgs come in 14 colours, 4 of which are brand new.

Pro Dawgs continue as the new products launched in late 2009. They are available in Magnum and Super Magnum sizes although Franglais Fishing are currently only stocking Magnum.

If you want to see the new 2010 Musky Innovations range, you can see their new catalogue here. (17Mb)


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The All New Musky Innovations Magnum Pro Dawgs.

The new Pro Dawgs have a jointed harness that brings back the flexibility of the original Bull Dawg but keeps the wire strength of solid wire so they have a much more erratic action in the water with a lot more belly flash.
The new Pro Dawgs have printed patterns to get a superior fish look never achieved on Bull Dawgs before. They also have a flexible clear coat that protests the paint and keeps their 3D eyes intact.
The new Pro Dawgs are made with a new durable plastic that will catch more fish and have less failures. Pro Dawgs are made with top quality materials to stand up to the biggest of large game fish.
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Walleye style of Magnum Pro Bull Dawg Orange Tail Sherbert style of Magnum Pro Bull Dawg
Hot Perch style of Magnum Pro Bull DawgCisco style of Magnum Pro Bull DawgSexy Shad style of Magnum Pro Bull DawgLight Bait Fish style of Magnum Pro Bull Dawg

Bull Dawg Series Rods by Musky Innovations

Finally, the rods to match the lures.
The Bull Dawg lures from Musky Innovations are world leaders with their innovative design and fish catching potential.

Now we are proud to introduce to the UK the rods to match the lures. Bearing the same renowned Musky Innovations brand as their world famous Pike fishing lures, we have three models each in several lengths to match the style of Bull Dawg fishing that you prefer.

Of course these rods work equally well when fishing any other style of lure. Just go to our rod shop to see these great rods with great prices.