Cultiva Lures and Owner Hooks from Franglais Fishing

CULTIVA LURES - produced by Owner, and as we say, "they're as good as the hooks!" This expanding line of hardbaits for both fresh and saltwater applications features Owner CUTTING POINT® and Super Needle Point treble hooks along with Cultiva's exclusive "Living Eyes," internal rattles and beautiful reflective, holographic and foil finishes. These lures are gorgeous, but also hard working and long lasting. The tantalizing actions will entice any fish to attack, and there's no questioning the hooking power of those Owner trebles.

We stock these great lures:
Cultiva Lures Savoy Minnow
Cultiva Lures Savoy Shad
Cultiva Lures Tango Dancer
Cultiva Lures Savoy Vibe

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