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About Us there's more than Pike Fishing Lures at Franglais Fishing
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Brands All the greatest brands who manufacture proven high performance tackle for the discerning Pike fisherman, all products held in stock in the UK.
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Castaic Swimbaits More information about this leading edge manufacturer and their products.
Contact contact Franglais Fishing, the global supplier of lures for serious Pike fishing
Countries We ship worldwide, free of charge. Here is a list of our regular destinations.
Crank Wobblers Review, Information and Customer Feedback about the Esox Lucius Crank Wobblers.
Cultiva Lures Along with Cultiva's exclusive "Living Eyes", internal rattles and beautiful, reflective, holographic and foil finishes these lures are also hard working and long lasting. The tantalising actions will entice any fish to attack and there is no questioning the hooking power of those Owner trebles.
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Dingo Review Dingo Jointed Swimbait review
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Esox Lucius The Esox Lucius rods really have to be seen and handled to be appreciated. The attention to detail is second to none and the performance emulates that of rods at least twice the price.
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Franglais Fishing Pike fishing and the Pike fisherman require specialist Pike Baits, Lures and Dawgs. Great Pike fishing kit delivered free to every country by express service.
Friends Friends of Franglais Fishing get to hear our news first, are first to know of special promotions and enjoy friends-only deals on the best lures for pike fishing
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Links website links to our Suppliers and Friends
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Magical Gliders Magical Gliders: The Art of Jerkbait Fishing, by Bertus Rozemeijer
Mend-It Mend-It lure repair kit review
Musky Innovations Musky Innovations for the Pike and Muskie fisherman - specialist Pike Lures, Baits and Dawgs
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News FranglaisFishing is the premier supplier to the Pike fisherman of specialist Pike Lures, Baits and Dawgs. Delivered to every country by express service.
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Photo Gallery Photo gallery including Steve Mcgregor of Franglais Fishing and evidence of success that friends enjoy with Lures supplied by Franglais Fishing
Policy Franglais Fishing know that providing excellent customer care is paramount to their business, hence their incredible reputation
Product Reviews independent review of Pike Fishing Tackle, Lures, Bait, Dawgs and key accessories for Pike fishing
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River2Sea - Special Action videos of some of River2Sea's products that can be special ordered
River2Sea - Stock Action videos of stocked River2Sea products
Rod Review Esox Lucius Rod review by John Cheyne
Rod Review 2 EsoXLucius Jerkbait Rod review
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Shack Attack Lures We are now stocking a wide selection of this next generation of soft plastic lures. We have Suzy Suckers, Curly Sues and the hybrid spinnerbaits, Curly Spins and Suzy Spins.
Site Map The A to Z of FranglaisFishing, an overview of each page on our web site.
Specials FranglaisFishing is the premier supplier to the Pike fisherman of specialist Pike Lures, Baits and Dawgs. Delivered to every country by express service.
Specimen Gear Danish company, SPECIMEN GEAR, specialising in creating high performance fishing lures for targeting predatory fish, particularly pike and zander. Specimen Gear try to build in as many deadly tricks and features into their lures as possible to give anglers that little extra edge.
Store Access our wide selection of lures, baits, dawgs, rods, apparel, lines, tackle boxes, traces, hooks and accessories.
Suick Lures The Suick Thriller has legendary status amongst Muskie fishermen in the States and Canada, mostly due to the true story of Frank Suick, the lure inventor, catching thirty Musky in thirty days while using them.
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Tackle Industries Tackle Industries 9' Telescopic Musky Rod and Pike Rod
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User Reviews Read and add product reviews.
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Video the FranglaisFishing video library contains a selection of useful, informative and instructional video clips
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Wolfcreek Lures Wolf Creek Lures are hand-made, Swedish quality work in wood, for real pike fishing! The baits have caught the eyes of many pike fisherman, but most importantly - they catch fish!
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